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Corporate Banking Video Conferencing Rooms


ADC has recently completed a multiple room installation for a major world wide Investment Bank.  The central London based company required multiple video and audio conferencing systems, all fully integrated and network controllable.  

ADC were asked to design and specify the system in coordination with the clients New York facilities.   The latest video and audio systems, display systems and control systems were required.    Following visits to several of the clients world wide sites, a system specification was developed for the London facilities.

The need for flexible room usage was seen from the start. Combinable room space using moving partitions allows for flexibility and this was implemented in the client’s main AV center. Three large area conferencing rooms dividable into six smaller areas became the basis of the project.  

To further enhance the usage of the complex, one of the large area rooms was designed to be adapted into a large lecture room, with removable boardroom tables allowing for multiple seating to be installed.

Lets take a technical look at a “combined room”…

In fully open mode, each of the three combined rooms have a main 3m electric drop screen and ceiling mounted NEC projector.  Additionally the “front” projection room also has a side wall-mounted 61” NEC Plasma Display and the “rear” room a side wall mounted 77” Smartboard interactive panel and NEC ceiling mounted projector.

For Audio Conferencing usage we have employed the CLEARONE XAP-800 and TH2 units in the front master rooms and XAP-400 unit in the rear room, networked together for either “dual or single” use.  Programmable precets allow instant audio reconfiguration of the room’s microphones and amplifier feeds and Video conferencing feeds.

Microphones are CLOCK-AUDIO units. We have used Clock-Audio units  for many years in many different environments.  Additional lapel and hand held TOA radio mics are also provided as well as a fixed SHURE Lectern microphone.   

Ceiling speakers employed are a mix of AMINA NXT flat panel units and Community Cloud-4 flush-mount units.  

Video Conferencing is based on PolyComs 8000 integrators series systems.  The front room has two Sony EVID-100 wall mounted cameras and the rear room has a single camera.

Room control centers around the Crestron AV2 control rack and Crestron TPS-3000 touch-panels, one in each room.   Additionally the front rooms have wi-fi based Crestron Isys TPMC-10 wireless touch-panels, wall-mount docking next to a Lectern position.  

In master combined mode the front room Crestron Panel takes charge of both rooms, both AV2 units being networked together and also controlling all the XAP-800, 400 and TH2 units audio units, and all three display devices – main screen, side Plasma and whiteboard -   plus of course room environment systems – lighting blinds etc.

In single mode use, with the dividing wall in place, the rooms revert to standalone use – again both fully capable of Audio Conferencing and Video Conferencing on there own.

The CODEC farm…

At an early stage it was decided to centrally base the PolyCom VSX-8000 VC Codecs and to “share” them among these “combined” rooms.  This would mean the purchase of fewer Codecs and also allow the provision of Video Conferencing facilities to other small conference rooms without the cost implications of providing a fixed Codec per room.

Additionally if a fault occurs with a Codec, it can swiftly be replaced with another unit, all at the touch of a button.  All the Codecs are IP based plus one unit has ISDN capability as well, for safety last resort purposes.

To achieve the sharing of the Codecs around the building, we decided to run all video feeds as RGBHV exclusively, converting TV, DVD etc to this format.  Within the rooms themselves we have employed AUTOPATCH lite 8x4 RGBHV and audio switchers.

Feeds to and from the rooms back to the main racks room housing the Codecs we have used fiber optic MERIDIAN interfaces for both audio and video. This has ensured no signal degradation regardless of distances involved.  

We have employed a central AUTOPATCH card based switcher in the “Codec farm” to handle incoming RGBHV to and from the Codecs back to the rooms, a paired analogue audio switcher and also a Y/C switcher.  The Y/C switcher handles all the incoming VC camera feeds into the Codecs and also allows for camera switching in the 3-camera combined rooms.  

The Camera feeds themselves were handled by using SOUND CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES Cat-V based camera extenders.   Again, great distances are achievable before signal degradation.  

The whole Codec Farm is controlled by a centralized Crestron AV2 and 12” Isys touch-panel.  The master AV2 is networked to all the local AV2 units allowing for easy Codec allocation and camera control etc.  

The system keeps growing in rooms that can be VC capable and presently we have 8off PolyCom 8000 Codecs and 14off VC capable rooms.  We can expand up to 24off rooms before requiring a larger AV master switcher.

Crestron RoomView is an essential aspect of this AV installation. RoomView allows us to manage all the AV resources and perform remote system diagnostics, monitor projector lamp life, and automate many tasks. We have in addition, installed Crestron QM-RMC Ethernet to serial interfaces to all AV kit that is not under direct AV2 control to further enhance this level of control.

Crestron RoomView allows us to monitor the AV kit remotely – we have also started to implement the CLEARONE XAP-NET interface throughout.  This gives us Ethernet connectivity to all the XAP audio systems and allows us remote programming, upgrades, and diagnostic functions.  

No AV installation is complete without outside sources – Satellite and Freeview digital TV provision in this instance.   We have installed two units of the CABLETIME MediaStar Compact AV distribution over Cat-V system. This gives us 16off AV sources to 32off destinations.  

Control of TV networks and channels is essential in a corporate environment.  The usage of a patchable system over existing infrastructure allows quick and easy provision of TV supply to any area. Again, the MediaStar units are networkable and comprise part of the “House AV Network”.  Remote client control of channels is easily implemented.


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