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Hospitality Venues

University Technical College Specialising in Health Care and Health Science


Paging System:

Installation of college paging and music system to entrance hall, dining hall and LRC (learning resource centre)

Paging system based on the Cloud Digital mixer, the DCM1e and wall interface volume controls and selectors and microphone/line input panels

Paging using Cloud PM4 microphone panel and also ability to page to any zone using the sites digital telephone system with the Cyberdata SIP interface and custom VOX/control trigger interface provided by ADC



Cloud Digital Mixer, model DCM1e

Cloud wall mounted volume control panels, model CDR1

Cloud wall mounted microphone and line input panels, models ME1 and LE1

t andmSystems SA-4200 4-channel 200-watt amplifier

TOA ceiling and wall loudspeakers (models F2352C and BS1030)

Cyberdata SIP-V3 telephone interface

ADC VOX/control trigger/audio mixer interface unit, (custom made VOX to trigger and audio mixer)


Lecture Theatre

Large lecture theatre equipped with 7.1 surround sound system and radio microphones.

To provide the lecture hall with a surround sound audio and video experience, the lecture hall is equipped with a 4K video projector and a powerful surround sound system.

Based on the Yamaha RXA-830 AV receiver 7.1 processor and Yamaha Blu-ray player, the Yamaha HDMI switching feeds a 4k video projector and audio pre-amp out feed the Symetrix based audio system. The lecture hall is also equipped with a handheld and three lapel radio microphones and a lectern gooseneck microphone.


All the audio feeds are fed through the Symetrix digital mixer which allows for instant microphone setup and use, playback of 7.1 video presentations and a mix between the two.


The room is fully controlled by a Crestron control system via a wireless iPad as well as quick and easy wall controls for install room configuration.


For example, by using the Symetrix ARK SW4e 4-button wall panels, all basic room functions become available – on/off of all the sound system, instant preset based sound configuration levels for microphones and video playback. Quick on/off of lectern microphone and radio mics. Overall room volume level of AV and microphones also available, using the ARK K1e volume control.


The Crestron control can be used for more refined control of the room AV systems. The Crestron allows for advanced control of the video projector and AV receiver source selection, room volumes and microphone levels with simple preset volume control selections providing low, medium and high volume levels. All room volume controls are mimicked between the Symetrix and Crestron so either can be used together and all stays in sync.


Room microphones consist of Sennheiser handheld and lapel microphones controlled by auto mix modules in the Symetrix processor. A lectern based Shure gooseneck microphone completes the setup.


The Lecture hall also has a multi-touch interactive table top screen mimicked to the main projector. Additional AV sources allowed for are Apple TV etc


Equipment List:

Yamaha RXA-830 7.1 AV receiver

Yamaha Bluray player

Symetrix Radius 12x8EX digital mixer with 4-way line/mic input expansion card

Symetrix ARC K1e and SW4e wall panels

Bittner 8-channel amplifier, 200watt

Soundtube loudspeakers, model SM890i

Soundtube sub-woofer, model SM1001p

Crestron room controller, wifi enabled

iPad control

Sennheiser radio microphones, 4- channels

Shure gooseneck table top microphone



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