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London Luton Airport


London Luton Airport’s long awaited expansion is now underway … “The £100 million investment in LLA is set to transform the airport by increasing capacity from 12 million to 18 million passengers per year by 2026. As well as increased capacity, the work will deliver significant improvements to the passenger experience.” Read full article.  


The main buildings are being reconfigured and expanded with the aim of creating new retail areas, expanded international and domestic departure gates and a major refurbishment and expansion of the arrivals areas. ADC has now completed the installation of a public address and voice alarm system (PAVA) in the new ground floor X-ray hall, the initial phase of the 3-year project.


Equipment used:

Soundtube EZ-42 pendant loudspeakers in main X-ray hall

Active audio Ray-On 100TC column loudspeakers in the passport presentation areas and higher ceiling areas of halls

TOA PC1867FC ceiling speakers in the adjacent staff offices


TOA Paging & Voice Alarm Equipment

Ongoing upgrade of the existing TOA VX-2000 to the new networked TOA SX-2000 system, new power supplies and distribution hardware. New TOA amplification. New battery backed up power facilities for all main PAVA rack rooms.


Gate paging Facilities at the Airport

ADC has long been involved with the paging and voice alarm system at the airport.

Recent upgrades involve the installation of three TOA M9000 digital mixers to sub-group the airports multiple gate paging microphones. The grouped microphones are also currently interfaced with the TOA SX1000 system paging matrix. The TOA SX1000 matrix is currently being upgraded to the latest TOA SX2000 public address and voice alarm combined system.


Airport Control Centre - Paging

The airports ground control centre is responsible for all aircraft on the ground, all taxiing and also general vehicle movements to all airside areas. All high priority PA announcements are made from the control centre. ADC has been extensively involved with interfacing the airports PA to its new multimedia control centre.


PA and Crash Alarm Facilities at the Airport’s Fire station

The Airport’s fire station PA announcement system has recently been upgraded by ADC. Several powerful Community R.25 PA horns have been installed in the engine bays where the fire engines are parked. The required announcement levels must be heard above the sound of several fire engines motors and also local aircraft taxiing past the station.


Interfacing to the fire stations “Crash Alarm” announcement system is also provided via TOA mixers and amplifiers. On a “crash alarm”, all announcements are routed through to the entire PA from air-traffic control centre, the engine sheds doors are automatically opened and various gas and electrical appliances are automatically shut down.


Additional PA interfaces are provided allowing any telephone in the station to dial an extension number and make PA announcements. Currently this is also being upgraded to a digital SIP based telephone facility. New works will also include timer based automation to be added to the site allowing for automatic closing of the bay doors after a pre-set time.



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