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ADC Installs Community for Giraffe

Press Release courtesy of Community Professional Loudspeakers


Specialist audio and video integration company, ADC, has recently completed the installation of a Community loudspeaker-based audio system for the Giraffe restaurant located at The Boardwalk in the Lakeside retail complex in Thurrock.

Giraffe is a rapidly expanding restaurant chain that focuses on serving world food and drink with world music in a lively and fun environment. The company has carefully chosen, well-positioned sites in popular locations; the Lakeside site opened in mid-June and has been packed from day one.

In addition to the varied selection of quality food and drink, music is a key factor in providing the Giraffe experience and the sound system has to provide quality throughout the day; low level and relaxed in the morning and increasing in level and tempo as the day moves into the evening. Vibrant art and décor bring together a range of strong colours that work exceptionally well in giving Giraffe a distinctive identity and it was important that all hardware, from air conditioning to lighting and audio, had to complement or merge with the overall scheme.

ADC chose Community’s CLOUD range of ceiling loudspeakers on which to base the audio system. ADC’s Lorn Money explains, “There were three main reasons for choosing Community. Firstly, I have used the company’s loudspeakers in a wide range of installations for several years now, and I knew I could rely on them for audio quality and reliability. Secondly, the wide range; Community gives me choice of on-wall or ceiling mount with the same high quality sound - this installation benefited from the cleaner lines of using ceiling mounted loudspeakers throughout and CLOUD series gave me the power and coverage needed. The third reason is the custom colour finishing service offered by CUK Audio, Community’s UK distributor. This enabled us to have the loudspeakers supplied matching the pantone colour of the ceiling”. He concludes, “The results are really effective in giving quality and power from a system that is almost invisible”.

The system is divided into three zones. The main two bar and restaurant zones each use eight Community CLOUD6 loudspeakers, driven low impedance by a QSC amplifier. The corridor and washrooms zone uses five Community CLOUD4 loudspeakers driven 100V line by a TOA amplifier. A zone mixer provides the audio feed for each of the three zones; in the case of the main two restaurant zones this is fed via a Drawmer loudspeaker controller/limiter to the QSC amplification. Individual level control is also provided in each of the main zones and the music source is provided by CD and MP3 players.

ADC recently completed a similar Community-based installation for Giraffe in Walton-on-Thames and is about to commence on a new site in Guildford, due to open in August.


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