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Academy School - (UK, Kent)


The Academy has a very large lecture/assembly/theatre hall with bleacher seating for several hundred people. The Hall also can be combined with an adjoining dance studio. There is also a very large gymnasium area. Additional areas of the academy include a Drama Hall and interactive classrooms.


The project brief was to combine audio to many areas and provide an interactive control and sound and video system.


Main Assembly Hall:


The main hall has pull out bleacher seating available but can also be used as a large single space without the seating. Multiple sound system options have been provided. The main sound system consists of Community Veris series front, side and rear loudspeakers, all driven by t&mSystems SA and SP series amplification.


There are two main inputs to the system – at the stage right PA position and also at the back of the hall at the top of the bleacher seating. Multiple microphone/tie line panels are available around the space, all terminating back at the main PA rack. Multicore cable connections to the main Soundcraft 32-channel mixer are provided, which supply basic microphone inputs and PA outputs direct to the mixer connection wallbox, so the Soundcraft mixer can be quickly deployed to the front or back of the hall with simple re-patching taking place at the rack.


There are two ceiling hung video projectors and two drop screens. Video content is available via a CYP HDMI 8x8 HDBaseT matrix and all HDMI content is transmitted over CAT6 CYP units. All analogue video/audio is converted to HDMI to provide for a consistent content structure.


The PA system is controlled via a Symetrix digital processor and Symetrix ARC wall panels, the Symetrix Symvue app via a computer and ultimately via Crestron control using a Wi-Fi controlled iPad.


All room configuration and control is available using the Crestron panel. The Crestron panel provides for video source selection and display to either projector, projector on/off, screen up/down, Apple TV content and audio routing to the main PA system.

The associated Dance studio PA system may be easily combined with the main hall. In addition, audio and video content can be sent to the large gymnasium nearby.

The main hall has, as mentioned, a 32-channel Soundcraft mixer and in addition 24-channels of Trantec radio microphones are available (racked and ready, S5.5 series). The Dance studio has a radio microphone and audio inputs available.


To provide a simple interface for the teachers to use, Cloud Electronics wall panels have also been made available in the Dance and Hall areas (Cloud LM1 panels with local room volume control, microphone input and source select). These provide for a quick and easy setup for daily use, providing microphone and iPod interfaces into the system. The cloud mixers are fed into the Symetrix processor, which provides the main routing and processing for the system. Therefore advanced audio sharing between the main spaces is achieved.


Symetrix wall panels (ARC 2e) allow for a simple room configuration and combining or splitting of the areas and also the use of the main Soundcraft mixer as required. The Symetrix handles main hall audio configuration and EQ. Presets allow for “bleacher” audio setups where the audio is delayed and sound levels reduced at the back of the hall for a front “stage” sound, or for an open hall setup without delays and sound levelling.


Audio share between any of the main halls is possible. Future expansion of the system is accomplished using the Symetrix DANTE networking audio protocol


Equipment list:

Soundcraft 32 channel analogue audio mixer

Symetrix Radius digital mixer

Symetrix X-In expansion mixer

Symetrix X-out expansion mixer

Symetrix ARC power supply expansion

Symetrix ARC-2e wall panels

Cloud Z8 mixer

Cloud wall panels interfaces, model LM1

Trantec “racked and ready” 24-channel radio microphone, series S5.5

Community loudspeakers – Veris series Fronts

Community loudspeakers – Veris series Fills

t&mSystems amplification, models SP1000

CYP VGA-HDMI converters

CYP HDMI over cat6 transmitter-receivers

Custom hardware – XLR and speaker and multicore patching

Crestron and Symvue control interfaces

Apple TV control via iPad



The Gymnasium is a large space with two video projects and two drop screens and two PA systems. The areas projections systems can be used independently or combined as required. Radio microphones and Apple TV are available. The interfaces are Cloud LM1 panels allowing for quick and easy use but once again, all audio is controlled via the Symetrix and all video input sources are converted to HDMI and controlled via the CYP 8x8 matrix. Again, the Gym AV can be controlled via Crestron control using an iPad.


Equipment list:

Cloud Z4 mixer

Cloud wall panel interfaces, model LM1

Community loudspeakers, Veris series

t&mSystems amplification, SP1000

CYP VGA-HDMI converters

CYP HDMI over cat6 transmitter receivers

Trantec radio microphones – aerobic system

Apple TV control via iPad


Drama Studio:

The studio is equipped with a Soundcraft mixer and 4-channels of Trantec radio microphones, interactive large screen monitor, Community CS8 loudspeakers and t&mSystems amplification.


Equipment list:

Soundcraft 12-channel mixer

Community loudspeakers, CS8 series

t&mSystems amplifier, model SP1000

Trantec 4-channel “racked and ready” radio microphone system, S5.3 series

Apple TV control via iPad


Advanced Teaching Spaces:

There are two advanced teaching areas that consist of dual video projectors and multichannel radio microphone systems, HDMI matrix switching and Crestron control. The classrooms consist of two areas that can be combined or split as required. Room control via Crestron using Wi-Fi iPad


Equipment list per room:

Cloud audio mixer – model Cloud 462

TOA ceiling loudspeakers F2352C in dual zones

Crestron amplification and room automation control via iPad

Trantec radio microphone – “racked and ready” 4 channel system S5.3 series

Projectors and drop screens or interactive active touch screens in the rooms.

Apple TV control via iPad


Advanced Teaching Classrooms:

There are multiple advanced teaching area classrooms equipped with “ListenPoint” IR based room reinforcement facilities and iPad based Apple TV control for the projectors


Equipment List:

ListenPoint room reinforcement infra-red system

Audica multichannel amplification

Community DS5 and DS8 loudspeakers



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